In recent years, China’s beauty industry is in a state of rapid expansion. According to market research, data from various platforms show that facial cleansing brush and personal care appliances, including shavers, hair removal devices, and mouth care, have seen compound annual growth of 11 percent and 8 percent respectively in China over the past two years. Sales of facial cleansers alone in China doubled from 1.27 billion yuan to 2.4 billion yuan from 2014 to 2017, according to the latest research data. The agency expects the figure to reach 3.17 billion yuan by 2022, it expanded by more than 30%. International famous brands of home beauty products have entered China in large quantities. Subsequently, well-known skincare brands have also launched a variety of subdivided types of beauty instrument products.

The environment of the Consumer Market

The new definition of intelligent home beauty care instrument

Trends of personal beauty care instrument


  1. The environment of the Consumer Market, make beauty devices demand increases greatly

The reason behind the rapid expansion of beauty care instruments in China has formed an industry consensus: The rising living standards of Chinese people, to the personal life of beauty and care more value. On the one hand, it is because people pay more attention to the appearance when receiving the care of public medical beauty instruments, often feels the disadvantages of public instruments, for example, due to some factors, such as inadequate medical beauty environment, insufficient disinfection of damp towel and blanket, too many users and failure to clean in time, more and more beauty lovers have requested beauty salons or medical institutions, to provide their own customized, exclusive beauty programs and beauty equipment. On the other hand, under the influence of foreign culture and consumption habits, the consumption ideas and values of the new generation in China are changing, especially in the field of beauty, they like to keep fit and pursue a healthy, pleasant, open, and experiential lifestyle.

With the rise of the experience economy, the beauty industry has given birth to many new online and offline options. The medical beauty institutions on the market is uneven, the news of the disfigurement of the beauty parlors frequently reported, which also makes many consumers who want to try medical beauty to be deterred. Secondly, the leisure time of the contemporary urban population is increasingly fragmented, and often can not find time to go to the beauty salon, so, experience a better, more private, more health care instrument market all the way. You can go to the beauty salon and let the beautician provide you with experience service, you can also buy your own home, at any time to arrange the time and care process, save trouble and trouble, beauty care is no longer a burden, but become an interesting experience.

However, the domestic beauty industry is in the development stage, due to the lack of industry standards in the field of beauty care instruments, the number of enterprises in the industry is growing rapidly in the context of the general environment, but also due to the lack of R & D Innovation Capacity and scientific theory system, the quality of domestic cosmetic instrument manufacturers in China is different, the whole is at the low level, and the manufacturers mainly make short-term profits, lack of long-term strategic planning. However, there is no lack of strong domestic industry-leading enterprises. Here, I’d like to highlight some of the currently strong players in the beauty care industry:GOGOLADA Brand ( beauty device & tools manufacturer), we are an international company specializing in product creation, design, R & D, manufacture, sales, and global brand OEM, manufacture and supply of personal care and beauty products. We also own our own brand GOGOLADA.

Some experts predict that the twenty-one St Century’s hottest industry is not computers, not genetic engineering, but possibly cosmetic instrument care. As a result of the country’s policy of encouraging consumption, consumer spending will double over the next five years, and so will the value of personal beauty care. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of lifestyle, more and more women began to choose various kinds of beauty equipment for personal beauty care.

2. The new definition of intelligent home beauty care instrument

Home beauty care equipment products are nothing new, especially in the e-commerce channel, facial cleanser, curling iron, beauty equipment, steam face, hair removal, electric eyelash machine and other products dazzling, in addition to Philips, Panasonic and other traditional home appliances big brand, Japan also Namisi, Yaman, MTG, city doctor and other brands, Europe and the United States have Tripollar, Clarisonic and so on.

However, the traditional home beauty care instrument is a derivative product of medical and professional beauty institutions, which requires a certain amount of professional knowledge and operation skills in use; while the consumption habit of modern people is to buy back a product, they don’t read the instructions, so they can’t understand the product and use it correctly, either blaming it for not working or throwing it away when they run into problems. This can be said to be a more prominent plight of the industry.

3. “Consumption Upgrade” to promote the personal beauty care instrument market become the new trending 

Female consumers who have bought beauty and facial cleansers know that the current market for home beauty and care products is either very similar in function, with only differences in product design, or very professional in function and operation, the average person doesn’t use it correctly. With the rapid development of the industry, not only the problem of homogenization becomes more and more prominent, but also the demand of consumers for product quality, the expectation of design and the improvement of user experience, etc. . Therefore, with brand-new technology or mode, to lead the industry towards a new trend and high development, “intelligent” become the industry’s new direction of development and innovation power.

At present, the beauty care brand in the market, sales are only the traditional electronic beauty products, the whole process of the industrial chain in the product sales link. After the product is sold, the manufacturer is unable to provide guidance, relevant knowledge, consultation, suggestion and other services to the user, and the user has no choice but to try his own way to solve the problem or discard the product, thus makes the brand and the consumer can not form the effective communication. Nowadays, every industry in the world is stepping into the smart era, the Internet of things and big data, and the voice of smart of electronic products of home beauty care is getting higher and higher, consumption upgrading promotes the adjustment of industrial structure and the change of competition pattern.

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