Girls & Ladies spend so much time on their faces. Makeup in the morning, blush, eyeliner and lipstick, at night to go home to remove makeup water essence apply the mask, these two things affect each other. So many things to the face every day, if not thoroughly washed, we are afraid that the young face will be ruined.

Washing your face is important, but very few people know how to do it. It’s hard to wash your face with just your hands and a towel. A lot of girl paper think clean face, it is hand-rub wash milk wash one can, such cleaning force is far from enough. What’s more, there are 182 kinds of bacteria after people’s hands are washed. There are 3.8 billion bacteria in the nail alone! Add to that the microscopic insects, and the traces of makeup hidden deep in the pores, and you can’t just rub your hands together to get rid of them. If you can’t clean them for a long time, they can lead to a long mouth shut or acne, no amount of expensive maintenance is going to help. Cleaning is the most critical step in skincare, so, now know skincare people, not with hand washing, but with a better cleansing power cleanser, silicone cleanser can be deeply clean, is sweeping the skincare industry. Especially the ones who are always on the cutting edge of fashion.

However, with the gradual increase in brands and products of electric face brushes, many brands no longer use the principle of sound waves to clean their skin, especially some of the dozens of face brushes in South Korea, it’s just a brush head that turns left and right, which acts as an electric sander, and a sonic face brush is not part of the discussion, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

The market face brushes, which represent Clarisonic, Foreo, and Philips via Pure, are recommended by several doctors and dermatologists. A sonic facial wash brush can effectively remove facial Cutin, but also can increase the blood circulation under the skin. Its cleaning principle is not the “brush” of the physical friction, but hundreds of times per second high-frequency vibration to clean the skin. This high-frequency vibration of several hundred hertz per second can make the dirt in the pores more easily loose so that it off the skin. At the same time, a sound wave washes brush than pure brush on the skin for physical polishing to be more gentle, not easy to cause excessive skin cuticle wear, can protect the barrier ability of the skin will not be quickly damaged in a short time.

So, in theory, regular use of an electroacoustic facial scrubber to clean your face will result in clearer skin, more thorough makeup removal, and perhaps fewer blackheads and acne.

The facial cleanser recommended by the actresses is really good, the only drawback is that it is as expensive as it is! Fortunately, we found A SUPER-CLEAN ULTRASONIC VIBRATION CLEANING INSTRUMENT, a beautiful price, powerful function.

New recommendation of facial brush GOGOLADA Model GF01

CF01 GOGOLADA facial cleanser, ultrasonic cleaning brush for both men and women, electric facial cleanser pore cleanser facial cleanser rechargeable facial cleanser electronic beauty device, White/pink color for your options;

With the use of three-dimensional ultrasonic vibration technology, vibration up to 300 times per second, vibration feels just right, comfortable, and can help shrink pores, fade fine lines. The whole body waterproof, shower use is not afraid of wet, finished directly in the water under the washing, very convenient. Apply cleanser on face, press button to start, slowly move along the face contour, stop at the nose part, 1 minute is enough. After washing, the whole face tender nose convex pimples, blackheads are gone, can easily deep into the pores for cleaning dirt, and Skin 0 damage.

Ultra-fine ultra-soft brush, from the United States DuPont brush, effective in-depth cleaning pore dirt. Science and technology clean through the pores, L SKINCARE PRODUCTS USE EFFECT! Use induction non-porous charge, life up to 20 days. Easy to carry, seven-level security, safe and waterproof. Clean Skin, deeply purifies pores, brightens skin tone, improves acne skin, fine pores, pull tight, fades expression lines to let you easily solve the skin cleaning problem.

The GOGOLADA cleanser removes dirt and Sebum from the pores of the skin better than traditional cleansers. It also uses ultrasonic vibration to help the cleanser form a high-density, uniform foam, deeply and gently cleanse the skin, making subsequent skincare products more easily absorbed by the skin. This kind of face washing is very popular in Europe and America.

Questions on Facial Cleansing Brush( GOGOLADA

Q: What is the role of GOGOLADA ‘s “face washing machine”?

A: Compared with the traditional way of washing the face, the Gogolada cleanser can better remove the dirt and sebum hidden in the pores of the skin. It can also help the cleanser to form a high density of uniform foam by using ultrasonic vibration technology, deeply and gently cleanse the skin, making subsequent skincare products more easily absorbed by the skin. This kind of face washing is very popular in Europe and America.

Q: Does long-term use of GOGOLADA‘s “face washing machine” thin the skin?

A: The GOGOLADA cleanser usually has several gears to choose from for different types of skin. Low gear is only to clean up the dirt every day, and will not harm the skin’s epidermal cells, will not make thin cutin. The high-grade speed is mainly used for deep decontamination and exfoliation. The CAIFEI facial cleanser adopts the latest technology, unique ultrasonic vibration technology to the skin is 0 harm, so it will not make the skin thin, compared to other brands of those rotating on the skin is a certain degree of wear and tear, long-term use of rotation, the skin will be worn thin!

Q: How do I choose the Gogolada “face wash” brush?

A: Gogolada Gula faces washing machine brush brush brush head has 2 according to different skin design, according to their own skin choice of the different brush head.

Q: How to use GOGOLADA‘s “face washing machine”?

A: The correct use of facial cleansers can reduce skin damage. First Wash your face with warm water, then squeeze the cleanser onto your hands, rub it with both hands to create a rich foam, and apply it to your face. Then, select the brush according to your skin texture and adjust it to the proper position. Gently massage your face and massage your cheeks for 10 seconds, the t-zone and rougher areas of the forehead last about 20 seconds.

Q: Does Gogolada’s facial cleaning brush work?

A: The effect of the official advertisement is to exfoliate, clean pores, shrink pores, reduce oily skin, remove dead skin, eliminate acne, remove blackheads, smooth skin, fade fine lines and wrinkles, make skin more youthful, promote skincare products absorption; Of course, there is no need to verify the effect of how much power, on the current use of 28 days blackhead is less, acne is a lot less, the pores of a lot of dirt clean, skincare products are easy to absorb. For Fine Lines and wrinkles, we think it will take longer to have a noticeable effect.