Professional manaufacturing at Every Step

Everything begiins the instant communication and keep non-stop training follow the management system.

Collect all possible information from trending news and clients;
Conduct detailed research into both your customer base your marketplace;

Our team will work with you closely to understand your needs and provide ideas.

Our design and engineering team will design unique store displays for

your brand using high-end softwares.

GOGOLADA has two different manufacturing management systems for the new projects and the old ones, which ensure the production as efficient and economical as possible. For the new project, we usually do:

♦ Trial order
♦ Troubles shooting
♦ Production quality valuation
♦ Mass production

For the old project, we manage like that:
♦ Initial samples report
♦ In progress quality control
♦ Risk quality control
♦ Final quality control
♦ Outgoing quality control

GOGOLADA has a good reputation because of its strong ability in development and quality control. All-sided inspection is the key to determining the performance of products in use.
♦ First article inspection
♦ Semi-finished product inspection (every two hours)
♦ 100% Performance-based inspection
♦ Aging test for completed products
♦ Risk assessments, like high-low temperature test, drop test, etc.

GOGOLADA implements rigorous packaging inspection to ensure that the product is properly shielded from common points of impact.
♦ Drop test in standard (standard code: GB/T2423.8)
♦ Safety transport packaging test
Effective Inventory Management
Our inventory management plays a leading logistics provider role by delivering the total solutions in the supply chain. This system is well responsible for transportation track to optimize warehouse utilization and realize effective cost control.
♦ Barcode scanning
♦ Formula of First in First out
♦ Storage location management
♦ Static electricity management
Retesting Before Delivery
GOGOLADA is intended to assess the quality of products at various stages of the production process, all the way to the point right before distribution.
♦ Outgoing quality control
♦ Random sampling test (AQL of 0.4)
♦ QRT as requested

Integrated After-sale Service
GOGOLADA has been committed to a policy that states that “products and services are integral.” To this end, the company is promoting the establishment of an advanced service structure so that it is able to meet customer needs.
♦ Analysis of the existing problems
♦ Responsibility bearing estimate
♦ Problem solving plan
♦ Project execution
♦ Effect confirmation
♦ Reply to the customer
♦ Standardized production
♦ Data saving

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